The Açaí Berry


Part of the staple diet of the Amazonian indigenous for centuries, açaí (ah-sa-ee) is a nutrient-dense berry, high in polyphenols antioxidants, omega fatty acids, proteins and fibres.

In appearance it resembles blueberries, but only 5% of the açaí is edible. The rest 95% is un-edible seed, used as biofuel, livestock food and turned into handicraft.

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Wild harvested, a gift from Nature

Unlike 99% of the foods consume, our açaí is not farmed nor cultivated. It grows naturally amidst native trees, with no addition of chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides or even a watering system.

Nature does her wonders to gift us her creation. Each açaí berry is unique in colour, flavour and characteristics.

Community & Sustainability

We work directly with the local communities who wild harvest the açaí berries.

The development of the açaí­ industry helps to prevent the depletion of the Amazon forest to cattle ranching and monocultures. With a guaranteed harvest every year, the locals are able to preserve their way of living.



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Our Single Origin Açaí

Similar to wine, coffee beans and cacao, açaí takes on the flavour profile of the terroir they grow in - flavours unique to the soil, flora, water, sunlight and climate.

We handpicked the region of Cametá, in Pará for its unique biodiversity surrounding the açaí palms, translating into the quality, flavour and colour of our berries.


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Our Story

Returning to Singapore, it was decided we would craft, honor and share the true Brazilian way of eating açaí —not as powder, supplement pills or in pasteurized juices which have significantly smaller amounts of açaí and preserved nutrients —but in the form of a single varietal frozen pureé.

The core of Selva lies in our commitment to introduce the finest, wild-harvested açaí to Asia through sustainable-harvesting methods and community-supported agriculture.
Bringing good honest food from the Amazon back to the tables and kitchens around us, food that nourishes the individual and enriches our communities.

Year after year we join the local communities of the Amazon in a journey of harvest and to remind us why we started this.

Sharing, the reason behind everything we do

Like the saying says, sharing is caring. While living in Brazil, we wanted our family and friends back in South East Asia to experience a bit of what we had: the food, the vibe, the way of living rooted in the appreciation of the simple things in life.

We conceived a love for a greener way of living outside our urban jungle and believe that sharing the good we came across during our journey is the way to honour mother Earth.

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